Know Your Dates: Transfer

Alright, you’ve made up your mind. You’re going to transfer to PSU and finish your degree. It’s time to start getting your application together. We know at times the process can be confusing, so we’ll go through each important date and deadline to explain what is needed from you.

Let’s get started!


The PSU Admissions Application is available! We begin accepting applications early because we want you to have the most time to submit your application. We get it—life happens, but remember, if you can get your application submitted early, then you can focus on connecting with an advisor, deciding where you’ll live and figuring out how you’ll pay for college.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available. This is the form that lets you know what financial aid options you are eligible for—you’ll also need to fill out a FAFSA in order to submit a scholarship application at PSU. This is a crucial step in getting the money you need to pay for college. When you fill out a FAFSA, remember to add PSU as one of your colleges.  

The PSU Scholarship Application. If you haven’t already started your Scholarship Application, now is the time. The scholarships have different requirements, like essays and references, so you won’t be able to wait until the last minute to complete it. Apply early so you can be sure you get the most money possible to help pay for college.


Your PSU Scholarship Application, essays and references. This is a hard deadline, so you must get all your documents in.

Your Honors College Application. This is a priority deadline for transfers. However, after February 1 students are far less likely to get honors scholarships.

The FAFSA. We have a rolling deadline for FAFSA, but like all parts of the application process, it’s best to do this early.

Last day to apply to PSU to be eligible for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Luckily, there is no separate application required—you will automatically be considered for WUE when you turn in your PSU Admissions Application.

Admitted Student Reception sign ups open!

The hard part’s done, but once you get an admission decision there are a few important dates you’ll need to know!


New Student Orientation sign ups open. We recommend signing up for Orientation as early as possible. To gain access to sign ups, you’ll have to confirm your enrollment.


Confirm your enrollment to PSU. May 1 is National College Decision Day, so students all around the country are making the big decision about where they will attend college. Apply early so you have enough time to weigh your options and make the choice that’s right for you. As soon as you confirm your enrollment, you can sign up for New Student Orientation and start preparing for your first term as a PSU Viking!

Apply for on-campus housing. This is the final deadline.


Last day to apply to PSU to be considered for Transfers Finish Free. There’s no separate application—you will be automatically considered when you submit your Admissions Application.


Final high school transcripts are due.


Whew. We know, it’s a lot, but if you start early it’s a breeze. Applying to PSU is quick and easy because we do not require an essay or letters of recommendation!

Review PSU’s transfer admissions requirements.

Surprise in the Unexpected

Sometimes a plan comes together in the shadow of uncertainty. For Hayley Pritchard, a first year School Health Education major from Nevada City, California, the decision to pursue college was never so clear. “College wasn’t really on my radar.”

It wasn’t until she visited Portland and learned that PSU had a degree that interested her, that college became a possibility in her mind. “I’ve been interested in health education ever since I started volunteering with health organizations in the seventh grade, so I was thrilled to learn that PSU had a School Health Education degree.”

Hayley is wasting no time in making her mark on campus. She is going to be an RA next year, and she sees a lot of potential to use what she is learning in her classes to help incoming students.

“What I’m learning in my Stress Management (PHE 275) and Community Health (PHE 446) classes I can apply to working with students living on my residence floor and help get them through their first year.”

Transitioning from living at home to living on campus in a big city can be a big change for some, but Hayley sees living in the heart of Portland to be an amazing chance to explore. “I love how connected all the student housing is with the city. It really allows you to explore and go everywhere. It’s unrestrictive.”

Hayley is exploring all that the city has to offer. “I feel like I’ve been all over Portland this year, tasting all the amazing food and experiencing all the amazing culture the city has to offer. I even found a place I can go blues dancing, a passion of mine.”

Getting around Portland from PSU is easy since the Max (light rail), streetcar, bus and BIKETOWN (bike share) all have a presence on campus. “You can even walk to most places you want to go.”

Don’t think that living downtown means you’ll be living in cramped spaces. PSU has a wide range of on-campus housing options, all of which, from the modern residence halls to the historic ones, include everything students need to thrive in their first year.

“Living in the dorms really helps create a community, too. You’ll get to meet a really diverse set of people.”

Hayley’s advice to students coming to campus this fall? “Make sure you are proactive. Not just in school, but to yourself as well. Make sure you take care of yourself and do what makes you comfortable. Surround yourself with everything you need to be successful, it makes all the difference.”

Learn more about Housing at PSU and sign-up to take a Housing tour!

Top 5 Reasons to Live On Campus at Portland State

We know that the last thing you need to worry about is where you’re going to live when you come to Portland State University for your first term.

There’s college applications, financial aid,  and scholarships essays. Not to mention jobs, and chores, and assignments, and… you know, life.

So we’ve made it easy. Simply apply for housing before May 1 and you can start seeing yourself in beautiful downtown Portland.

Here are five reasons why living on campus is a rewarding and irreplaceable experience.

1.  Get better grades

National research shows that students who live on campus have higher GPA’s and are more likely to graduate on-time than their off-campus peers.

Living on campus also means access to a ton of academic support. Academic coaching, after hours in-hall academic support center, and our Resident Academic Mentors are all available to help you succeed.

2.  Forge lifelong friendships

Living with your peers is an amazing way to meet new people who share your passions. You can even choose to live on floors with your FRESHMAN INQUIRY classmates. The heightened diversity at PSU also means that you will encounter backgrounds and viewpoints from around the world.

3.  Health and happiness

Whether it’s seeing a free movie, taking a dip at the on-campus pool, or just chilling out at the Mind Spa, PSU has a ton of ways for you to relax and stay stress-free.

Through Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), you can also get accessible, on-campus mental and physical health services from a team of dedicated professionals.

4.  Safety is our priority

Public safety officers patrol our neighborhoods 24/7, keeping our campus community safe. Our buildings also require special access, only granted to building residents. We also have call boxes throughout the campus if you would like a safe walk home late at night.

5.  Save money

Living on campus means no credit checks or worrying about paying utilities, no landlord disputes, and no hassle about complicated contracts and fine print.

And of course, it’s just plain cheaper than living anywhere else downtown. Not to mention that payment plans are also available. So stop worrying about money and focus instead on what’s important: which food cart has the best gyros.

Learn more about our on-campus housing options, which range from vintage flair to modern chic.

Apply to PSU!

Sign Up for Housing for Fall 2016

Incoming PSU Students Fall 2016

Made your commitment to PSU? The housing contract for the 2016-2017 academic year is available to complete online. Sign up early to secure your preferences! If you are still awaiting an admissions decision, you can sign up while you wait. Priority deadline for new students is May 1.

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Important Dates

March 15: 16-17 Room Selection ends for Current Residents

March 19: Winter Term Move-Out

March 26: Spring Term Move-in

March 28: Spring Term Classes Start

May 1: Priority Contract Deadline for 16-17 New, Incoming Students

May 20: Summer 2016 Cancellation Deadline for Current Residents

May 30: PSU Closed – Memorial Day

June 11: Spring Term Move-Out

June 18: Summer Term Move-In (new residents)

June 18: 2016-17 Cancellation Buyout Fees Apply